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Students of TEFL sing the TEFL School Supplies song

(Exercing Your Mind) Academy students sing Take a Look; the School Supplies lesson as a song. LYRICS: Pen and pencil, eraser, book Schoolbag CD, take a look, Take a Look x 4 Pen and pencil, eraser, book Schoolbag CD, take a look, Take a Look x 4 # # # Click on the following link to… Read More »

TEFL School Supplies: Take a Look

(Exercising Your Mind) Song, vocabulary, and sentence practice. Vocabulary Pen Pencil Eraser Book Schoolbag C.D. A / An This That It Is What Sentences Hi, Hakeem Hello, Flor Hakeem, what is this? It is a pen. Flor, what is that? It is a pencil. What is that? This is an eraser. What is this? That… Read More »

Intermediate Vocabulary Part Five

(Exercising Your Mind) Statement – Responsibility, 1 – 50 Word List statement term develop exaggerate claim legal prove license lie vague class option expression salesperson (seller) evaluation (evaluate) product (production) objective subjective identify (identity, identification, identifiable) document (documentary) notion caveat transaction (transact) initially (initial) property deal (dealer) Latin basically (basic, basis) mean responsibility (response, respond)… Read More »

Intermediate Vocabulary Part Four

(Exercising Your Mind) Afford – Worldwide, 1 – 50 Word List afford expensive fatty slim healthy descendant ready – made convenient taste fat salt solution ideal right secret profit herd coow diet majority scarce sort compare desire overcome ancient major issue appear financial spread supply addiction widespread cruel unkind alive prickly solid powder maintain drought… Read More »

Intermediate Vocabulary Part Three

(Exercising Your Mind) Hunter – Nourishing, 1 – 50 Word List hunter harsh material possessions (possess) unemployment poverty alcoholism tribe disappear lifestyle attractive outsider crop originate (origin, original) staple garlic ginger headache toothache magnolia cancer cure disease hunger famine starving survive strength energy normal chemical scientist discover discovery suubstance stomach brain heart lung kidney full… Read More »

Intermediate Vocabulary Part Two

(Exercising Your Mind) Nevertheless – Traditional, 1 – 50 Word List nevertheless creatively stimulate strict protocol illegal hit dismiss instantly (quickly, rapidly, immediately) secular acceptable appropriate sophistication workplace career expand challenge diverse researcher cleaner societal fill smack silence method influence discipline participate achievement similar lifestyle ownership variety (different, a range of) pupil consider length topic… Read More »

Intermediate Vocabulary Part One

(Exercising Your Mind) Education – Caretaking, 1 – 50 Word List education aspect community reflect attitude unspoken belief custom curriculum assessment expectation behave behavior rule cover duty conduct virtuous proper manner marry company permit dye loiter function church regularly alcohol Bible country school coal bucket sweep tidy despite stipulate content arithmetic Christianity literacy religious corporal… Read More »