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All Or Ball Bore: Pronunciation Practice

(Exercising Your Mind) This recording was made for a specific person who speaks Chinese as their 1st language. However, it will be useful for anyone who is challenged by the pronunciation difficulties presented by the letters “L” and “R”. Practice speaking these words out loud until you can clearly pronounce them differently. All – Or… Read More »

HypnoGenomics: Hypnotically Inducing Cellular Pluripotentiality

(Exercising Your Mind) Change your memes to change your genes. ReVisit this video with me as I prepare to advance HypnoGenomics in SubQuantum leaps! > Drink Wine and Be Social with Red Heart Wine Club < And READ the two previous posts from me on this subject below with the links so we are all… Read More »

Anti-Aging Your Brain: How To Bio-Hack Your Mental Health Like A Rocket Scientist

(Exercising Your Mind) Are you searching for the legendary fountain of youth? Do you want to feel better, look great, and do your best in your life? Hakeem@HypnoAthletics.com It may be all in your head. But your head is connected to your body, and while we roam this Earth, our bodies should be one of… Read More »