Nine Learning Levels for Developing English as an Additional Language (DEAL)

Also published on EYM-HypnoAthletics (Haiku Science Academy) Updating guidelines continues for the Development of English as an Additional Language (DEAL) for Students of English as an Additional Language (SEAL). Format: You are composing, producing, and authoring a comprehensive course or mini-course … Continue reading

Developing English as an Additional Language (DEAL) CERTIFICATION Foundations

DEAL – Developing English as an Additional Language. SEAL – Speakers / Students of English as an Additional Language. Also published on HypnoAthletics EYM (Haiku Science Academy) Part of what constitutes more precise instruction for the video production, and the … Continue reading

Certification Foundation for Developing English as an Additional Language

Originally published on as “Obtaining Teaching Credentials Through Documentaries“. (Haiku Science Academy) Someone cannot reasonably doubt that you are a great teacher of some thing, when you can provide them with evidence that shows you in action, successfully doing the … Continue reading

Everyday Sentences in Spoken English by Palmer, Harold E.

(Exercising Your Mind) Mini Book Reader. Touch and read online! If you are in a region where the reader is unavalable, click the link below to access the pdf. Everyday Spoken English … Continue reading

The Scientific Study and Teaching of Languages by Harold E. Palmer

(Exercising Your Mind) Touch the pages to advance or reverse through the book. If you are in a region where the reader is unavailable, click below to get the pdf. Scientific Language Study – Palmer, H.E. … Continue reading

English Speaking Mastery: Developing Appropriate Qualifications

Originally published on HypnoAthletics as “The Tower of Babbling Accents“. (Exercising Your Mind) I was born in New York City, and then moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the U.S.A., spending 12 years in each state. Because of the miscellaneous cultures … Continue reading

English Language Pronunciation Experts

Previously published as “English Language Pronunciation Specialist” on (Hakeem Alexander) There is a great need for English Language Pronunciation Experts in institutions where English is taught as an additional language. The main purpose for many people learning English as … Continue reading

All Or Ball Bore: Pronunciation Practice

(Exercising Your Mind) This recording was made for a specific person who speaks Chinese as their 1st language. However, it will be useful for anyone who is challenged by the pronunciation difficulties presented by the letters “L” and “R”. Practice … Continue reading

The 4 Basic Language Skills

(Exercising Your Mind) Listen to “4 Basic Language Skills” on Spreaker. Understanding the 4 Basic Language Skills for learning a language (in the classroom). A basic overview. The 4 Basic Language Skills: •1~ Understanding / Listening •2~ Speaking •3~ Reading … Continue reading

Ouija Board Origins in Ancient Chinese Planchette Writing

Work in Progress (Exercising Your Mind) Living in China and learning to speak Mandarin has been, and remains to be very exciting for me. I make it a point to learn as much as I can through self study. My … Continue reading