Really Rare Pronunciation Exercise

(Exercising Your Mind) This is an exercise for helping to develop and strengthen the speaking ability of clearly making different sounds of the letters “R” and “L”. Some native Chinese speakers find this challenging. Read the words and sentences to … Continue reading

All Or Ball Bore: Pronunciation Practice

(Exercising Your Mind) This recording was made for a specific person who speaks Chinese as their 1st language. However, it will be useful for anyone who is challenged by the pronunciation difficulties presented by the letters “L” and “R”. Practice … Continue reading

The 4 Basic Language Skills

(Exercising Your Mind) Listen to “4 Basic Language Skills” on Spreaker. Understanding the 4 Basic Language Skills for learning a language (in the classroom). A basic overview. The 4 Basic Language Skills: •1~ Understanding / Listening •2~ Speaking •3~ Reading … Continue reading

HypnoGenomics: Hypnotically Inducing Cellular Pluripotentiality

(Exercising Your Mind) Change your memes to change your genes. ReVisit this video with me as I prepare to advance HypnoGenomics in SubQuantum leaps! > Drink Wine and Be Social with Red Heart Wine Club < And READ the two … Continue reading

Tuesday is a very good day.

(Exercising Your Mind) Hailiang Senior 2 Listening Comprehension PROFESSOR HAKEEM GOALS Learn New Words (Vocabulary) Write Sentences (Grammar) Work With Partner (Communication) BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS Follow Directions Participate Takes Notes Listen When Speak Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.   Tuesday is … Continue reading

Sidewalk Snail in Korea Town of Los Angeles

Just some lovely photos and an 8 minute and 22 second long video of a snail minding his own business after crossing a sidewalk to explore some landscaping.       #SIX13RECORDS #HypnoAthletics #SwordPaper #ExercisingYourMind #KappaGuerra #UniquilibriuM #993KCLAFM #HakeemAlexander #PhysioMeditation … Continue reading

The Liberation Of Network Marketing In A Slave World

In A Slave World The Liberation Of Network Marketing “My Assessment Of This Business Is Bent In Favor Of It, Because I Love My Life As A Network Marketer“ – Hakeem A.B. Alexander You can put a sober and … Continue reading

Hypnosis Makes More Sales [part-3]

part-3 Hypnosis Makes More Sales Once you get over the limiting idea that using hypnosis is unethical to sell stuff, then you should start learning exactly what hypnosis is. Hypnosis Makes More Sales We do not often question why … Continue reading

Hypnosis Makes More Sales [part-2]

part-2 Hypnosis Makes More Sales If anyone tells you that using hypnosis to sell stuff is unethical, they are either really dumb, or attempting to stop you from learning what hypnosis is because they use it to sell stuff. … Continue reading

Hypnosis Makes More Sales

Hypnosis Makes More Sales The people and the organizations that make the most sales are the most hypnotic. They have figured out a way to have people buying their stuff, even when we think that we are looking for … Continue reading