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All Or Ball Bore: Pronunciation Practice

(Exercising Your Mind) This recording was made for a specific person who speaks Chinese as their 1st language. However, it will be useful for anyone who is challenged by the pronunciation difficulties presented by the letters “L” and “R”. Practice speaking these words out loud until you can clearly pronounce them differently. All – Or… Read More »

A Plan Worth Following

(Exercising Your Mind)   * * * work in progress * * * Dictionary.com Definitions advice – noun 1. an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.: I shall act on your advice. 2. a communication, especially from a distance, containing information: Advice from abroad informs us that the government has… Read More »

Feel the Vibration (or not) Voiced and Voiceless Consonants.

(Exercising Your Mind) ! ! ! Warm it Up News ! ! ! REVIEW Book – “New Inside Out“ Page 62: “News in brief” News: new information or a report about something that has happened recently HEADLINES Matching Headlines Page 62 New Inside Out b – POLICE THEFT a – DON’T ASK d – SLOW… Read More »

Intermediate Vocabulary Part Five

(Exercising Your Mind) Statement – Responsibility, 1 – 50 Word List statement term develop exaggerate claim legal prove license lie vague class option expression salesperson (seller) evaluation (evaluate) product (production) objective subjective identify (identity, identification, identifiable) document (documentary) notion caveat transaction (transact) initially (initial) property deal (dealer) Latin basically (basic, basis) mean responsibility (response, respond)… Read More »

Intermediate Vocabulary Part Four

(Exercising Your Mind) Afford – Worldwide, 1 – 50 Word List afford expensive fatty slim healthy descendant ready – made convenient taste fat salt solution ideal right secret profit herd coow diet majority scarce sort compare desire overcome ancient major issue appear financial spread supply addiction widespread cruel unkind alive prickly solid powder maintain drought… Read More »

Intermediate Vocabulary Part Three

(Exercising Your Mind) Hunter – Nourishing, 1 – 50 Word List hunter harsh material possessions (possess) unemployment poverty alcoholism tribe disappear lifestyle attractive outsider crop originate (origin, original) staple garlic ginger headache toothache magnolia cancer cure disease hunger famine starving survive strength energy normal chemical scientist discover discovery suubstance stomach brain heart lung kidney full… Read More »

Intermediate Vocabulary Part Two

(Exercising Your Mind) Nevertheless – Traditional, 1 – 50 Word List nevertheless creatively stimulate strict protocol illegal hit dismiss instantly (quickly, rapidly, immediately) secular acceptable appropriate sophistication workplace career expand challenge diverse researcher cleaner societal fill smack silence method influence discipline participate achievement similar lifestyle ownership variety (different, a range of) pupil consider length topic… Read More »

Tuesday is a very good day.

(Exercising Your Mind) Hailiang Senior 2 Listening Comprehension PROFESSOR HAKEEM GOALS Learn New Words (Vocabulary) Write Sentences (Grammar) Work With Partner (Communication) BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS Follow Directions Participate Takes Notes Listen When Speak Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.   Tuesday is a good day. I am the star of my own show. My friend is having… Read More »

Electronic Technology

(Exercising Your Mind) INSTRUCTOR HAKEEM GOALS Learn New Words (Vocabulary) Write Sentences (Grammar) Work With Partner (Communication) WRITING GOALS Define New Words Take Notes – Will Be Reviewed BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS Follow Directions Participate Takes Notes Listen When Speak IMPORTANT WORDS Electronic Electricity Technology Science Physics MORE IMPORTANT WORDS Electron Magnetism Atom Engineering REVIEW Electronic technology… Read More »