Morpheus Dreams That Olympus Has Fallen

Morpheus Dreams That Olympus Has Fallen

In the Mythology of Greece, Morpheus is the Chief God of Dreams. He may reside near the Souls of the Living,
while they are in the soothing clutches of Sleep. Though Morpheus is
the liberator of consciousness into life, it is said that his Father is
Hypnos; the Son of Death.

Morpheus Dreams That Olympus Has Fallen Into Sleep

Yet to him it is a nightmare. For he would rather see Olympus risen to the highest. So he gives to us humans the ability to shape-shift in our minds while we sleep. And even though the visions are dim, any light is welcome no matter how faint it may be.

In rocks the Gods may sleep but it is in the plant that the Gods may Dream. The Gods stir in animals and supposedly awakens in humans. But are we really awake yet? Is there not much more that we can be, do and have?


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